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किसान भाइयो आपका स्वागत हे 

Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) is designated as Lead Agency, to roll out the NAM in partnership with a Strategic Partner (SP), which will be responsible for developing, running and maintaining the proposed e-marketing platform.

National Agriculture Market (NAM) is envisaged as a pan-India electronic trading portal

which seeks to network the existing APMC and other market yards to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities. NAM will create a national network of physical mandis which can be accessed online. It seeks to leverage the physical infrastructure of the mandis through an online trading portal, enabling buyers situated even outside the State to participate in trading at the local level.

Now farmers (Kisan) can sell their produce directly to end consumer i.e. Institution , Group Co-operative Societies , Citizen Associations or any other group buyers on & also farmer can save lot of money via Group buying of Agri products  or machinery directly from Manufacturing Companies and big distributors on a fair price.

Scheme Design

It is the objective to usher in reform of the agri marketing system and to provide farmers / producers with access to markets across the country. The scheme envisages implementation of the NAM by setting up of an appropriate common e-market platform that would be deployable in selected 585 regulated wholesale markets in States / UTs desirous of joining the e-platform.

National Agriculture Market Scheme Features
  • A National e-market platform for transparent sale transactions and price discovery in regulated markets, kisan mandis, warehouses and private markets. Willing States to accordingly enact provision for e-trading in their APMC Act.
  • Liberal Licensing of traders / buyers and commission agents by State authorities without any pre-condition of physical presence or possession of shop / premises in the market yard.
  • One license for a trader valid across all markets in the State.
  • Harmonization of quality standards of agricultural produce and provisions of assaying (quality testing) infrastructure in every market to enable informed bidding by buyers.
  • Restriction of agriculture Produce Marketing Committee’s (APMC) jurisdiction to within the APMC market yard / sub yard instead of a geographical area (the market area) at present.
  • Single point levy of market fees i.e. on the first wholesale purchase from the farmer.

SFAC will implement the national e-platform and will cover 400 and 185 mandis during 2016-17 and 2017-18 respectively. SFAC will develop, operate and maintain the NAM platform with technical support from the Strategic Partner viz. M/s Nagarjuna Fertilizer and Chemicals Limited, who have been selected through an e-procurement process.

Retail – B2C just Like Dedicated Online Vegetable store in Main cities of India.

Online wholesale – B2B: Online Portal Where farmers can submit their Agri Produce for Sale.

Vendors (Channel Partners) – Online Portal where Manufacturer/Big Distributor  can sell Agri Machinery and products , Packing and food storage Material to Farmers.

Also, will be catering to almost all the needs of the agriculture fraternity where they will find all commodities/ items ranging from Tractors. Diesel Engines, Pump Sets, Agro Farm Implements, Seeds, Cattle feed, Grain storage bins, Water Tankers, Wheel Barrows, Trolleys, Tree Guards, Gardening tools  and many more.

Organic Contract Farming-100% organic agri products:

We are the one of the first in the world who are providing  organic contract farming for Institutions , Citizen Associations & also small group of citizen on very reasonable rates. Our client can directly monitors the organic farming & ask farmers to work as per their instructions and it will give 100% organic produce & satisfaction to our client as per their needs.

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