ICICI Agriculture Loan

ICICI Agriculture Loan Farmers mainly depend on the harvest season to earn a few bucks that has to suffice for the whole year. With the change in climate, the produce decreases and it becomes hard for the farmer to meet his and his family’s financial requirements along with taking care of his farm. ICICI bank understands the problems faced by the farmers and the agriculturists and are offering tailor made schemes and loans to cater to their needs. The schemes and loans offered by ICICI Bank are as follows:

Instant Gold Loan

➤You can use your gold to get an ICICI Bank Gold loan to avail finance. The loan amount can help you fulfil your financial needs such as education for your children, business expansion, working capital requirement, and down payment to purchase a property or a vehicle, agricultural need, medical emergency or to go on a holiday with your family. The documentation process is easy and fast.

Farmer Finance

➤It is offers a wide range of agricultural loans . You can make use of the overdraft facility to meet cultivation cost and to meet expenses of working capital activities for farming and farming allied activities. Term loans are offered for buying cattle, purchasing equipment for irrigation purposes and to meet other agricultural requirements.

There are two types of credit that is being offered

➤Retail Agri Loans – Kisan Credit Card : This is a credit card specifically designed for farmers. You can meet your day to day farming requirements through this card.

➤Long term loan for agriculture and allied activities (Agri Term Loan): You get term loan to buy cattle or agricultural equipment. The loan can be repaid over a period of 3-4 year through EMIs.

Agri Traders and Processors

There are two types of loans offered under this:

➤Working Capital loans : Working capital loans offered are Smart Cash Credit, Agri Credit Limit, Jet Overdraft, Micro Enterprise Credit, Agri Development Loan and Warehouse Construction Loan.

➤Loan against warehouse receipt : This loan caters to the financial requirements of those who are involved in commodities business, they are farmers, traders, processors and aggregations. The credit offered is a maximum of Rs.300 million to meet the financial requirements of agricultural operations. The maximum tenure offered is 12 months.

Agro Corporates

The following is offered by ICICI bank:

➤Mid cap credit , that caters to small and medium agribusiness enterprises to meet specific financing needs.

➤Forex and derivatives – Specialised parameterised program are offered for sanctioning forex and derivative facility to agriculture small and medium scale enterprises.

➤Factoring performs trade finance service by helping you convert your receivable to cash and therefore resolving the constraints of cash flow and working capital.

➤Agri investment banking solutions are offered after noticing the new trends of recent and global takeovers, acquisitions, mergers, diversification and strategic alliances that reflect agri Indian corporates and small and medium scale enterprises to the global market.

Tractor Loan

Hassle free tractor loans are offered to those having an agricultural land. The loan processing is quick and the repayment term is up to 5 years. You get flexible repayment options and the rate of interest is fixed through the tenure. The processing fee is low and so is the interest rate.

Micro Banking

ICICI Bank has created three simple products that are easily accessible by anyone. They are:

➤Self-Help Groups : You can get in touch with the bank through the NGOs for opening a savings account or to avail credit. The creditworthiness of the individual is assessed and based on various other parameters, the credit is sanctioned. ICICI Bank SHG loan requires the SHG to be in existence for at least 6 months, the group must include 10-20 women and the minimum saving corpus is set at Rs.5,000.

➤Micro Savings : ICICI Bank has partnered with NGOs, cooperative societies and trust to help you save money. The micro saving product offers security and convenience while you are earning interest on the money. You can make frequent deposits, access the account quickly and offers facility to handle small variable amounts. You can open fixed or recurring deposit accounts as well. To open ‘Apna Savings’ or a micro savings account, you require minimum paperwork.

➤Micro-Finance : Financial assistance is provided to microfinance customers in the form of term loan, overdraft and portfolio buyout facilities. The focus is to establish healthy and profitable lending business through relationships with select microfinance institutions and to invest in building deeper monitoring and control mechanisms to enable healthy growth of the microfinance sector.