Agriculture Information In Tamil

Agriculture Information In Tamil

Best among Agriculture apps in India in Tamil for complete information on Iyarkai Vivasayam – an open discussion platform for farmers and agri-experts.

KVSMT is the Best among all Agriculture apps in India in Tamil which has been specifically designed for Indian Tamil farmers. It aims to assist them in their journey towards better and innovative farming while boosting their incomes. This agriculture app in India will make sure every farmer in India has access to the latest agricultural technology and techniques so that they are able to raise healthy crops and in turn contribute to a healthy living of the entire nation, while doing profitable farming.

This, in turn, will help a farmer take an informed decision on crop growing and selling.Contents of KVSMT – the Best Agriculture App in India, Tamilnadu

Crop: Crop is one of the main features of our Agriculture app. It helps our farmers to know and understand their crop better. From sowing the seed to pest management to the weather conditions required for the crop to be healthy and the price it may fetch, this feature takes care of it all.

Market Price: Among all the agriculture apps in India the market price feature of our Vilai Nilavaram app lets a farmer check the market price of the crop he/she wishes to sell. They can also follow the market price trends of a particular crop and make the right call about the harvest price.

Weather: The weather section of the agriculture app enables the farmers to see the weather forecast. Now they will have access to not only the weather predictions but also the measures that should be taken under the prevailing weather conditions to ensure their crops do not suffer any harm due to unforeseen weather.

Tip of The Day: Our crop protection app gives out a tip every day which will further enrich the knowledge of KVSMT, hence empowering him/her to grow crops better and improve their income.

Velaanmai / Agriculture
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Agriclutural News
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Water Level in the Dam
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Vaanilai Arikai / Weather Report
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Uram / Fertilizers
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Agricultural Equipments
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used in present and ancient times

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Maaniyam & Kadan / Subsidy & Loan
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Vilai Nilavaram / Price Status
You can know about the daily market price of vegetables, crops, oils, petrol, diesel, gold, etc

Vaanga & Virka / Buy & Sale
One can buy and sale all the natural agricultural products for uzhavan / ulavan

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Velaan Padippukal / Agricultural Courses
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